ISIS afraid

Isis is afraid. Terrorists are afraid. Existence of laic States just scares them, even if those States are far away. They feel not so well ’cause there are societies which not only allow, but encourage women to study, to vote and to decide (even worse, you can go to prison for misstreating one). They are concerned with the possibility that, some day, sissy fags and fairies (this is how they call anyone who belongs to the wide, warm and beautiful rainbow of LGTB community) realize they actually can stand for their rights. Much more scared they are that, some day, they will exert those rights. Terrorists are afraid of illustration, public schools, press; and yes, they’re afraid, truly and absolutely afraid of books. They know what books and reading can do to people. Encyclopedies freak them out., Internet (the same they use to hang on youtube the videos of beheaded journalists), when used to didactical goals (wikipedia for instance) provokes them chill in the spine). ISIS attacs Irak and Turkey because these muslim countries have tried, during decades of inner struggles, to walk the way of laicity. The fears of terrorists are those of fanatics and fundamentalists. You must kill everyone who doesn’t share your creed. If not, or one day he/she would induce you to think against the dogma and, that day, you will wake up and look in the mirror what exactly you are. One day you might realize that, all that defenseless people, yes, you killed’em for humbugs and tales and lies. Terrorists have fear of Westerns, because we estimate too much (or, at least, too dangerously) our right to think and express what we think. They hate Paris, the cradle of modern thought, with the same feelings they have for encyclopedism and illustration. They are afraid of the meaning of that three-bars flag, that  bleu-blanc-rouge flag.

They are afraid of liberty, la equality and fraternity. And they are right.

We, westerns, have seen what happens and how falls an insane, irrational religion; when most of the society nows how to read.


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