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Squads in the UCV #SOSVenezuela

Gabriel Padilla

Red squads are not new in Venezuela. They started as early as 1998, when Hugo Chávez arrived to the presidency; with Lina Ron and the “colectivo La Piedrita”. The have been recruited, sponsored and armed by the venezuelan Gov. They where supposed to defend the bolivarian revolution against anyone, and by means of any ways, legal or not, pacific or not, democratic or not. Now; 16 years later, they are doing it very well. This all happened today in the Venezuelan Central University campus. All these pics can be found at twitter, some of them have been published by media, like @elnuevoherald or @UNoticias. Here below there is, apparently, a mexican journalist, who was intercepted by a hooded attacker.


Two workers try to intercede for a student brutally wounded by the “collective” squads.


Leonardo Rodríguez, venezuelan journalist, correspondant of El Nacional, attacked.


The so called “collectives”, are squads of people…

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