The Wikilieaks of Mario Silva

The article of Carlos Raúl Hernández, which appeared on May 22 in the web of  the venezuelan journal El Universal; reminded me a quote of Humberto Eco about the Wiki leaks. “Almost  nothing reported by Mario Silva to the G2 was unknown: In this case the new is not the paradox, but the source”; says Hernández. True.

The entire audio file with  Mario Silva’s confessions (available on the web, and uncomfortably omnipresent) leaves a strange flavor with nothing new. Just the same we knew yesterday, no more.

We should try to remember the things this report to the G2 doesn’t mention at all. Our man in Caracas does not talk, for instance, about insecurity or impoverishment. The words might not appear on his dictionary. Neither he says that, while his commander Mr. Raúl Castro finally decided to do without the old ration coupons; in Venezuela bakeries do not sell bread anymore. It is almost impossible to find diapers for children, nor chicken meat, Fifteen years ago Venezuela was planning to sell electric energy to his neighbors Colombia and Brazil. Almost nothing remained of these national companies. In such a way they sacked  the national treasury that they forgot to do something evident: Mantain what you inherited. Now in almost every corner of Venezuela there are electricity cuts-off. In the massive dismissal, on 2004, of more than 15.000 people of PDVSA, the state oil company; Chávez not only fired qualified workers but also professionals of many different fields, including engineers, geologists, physicists and mathematicians of Intevep, the research branch of PDVSA. On those days Venezuela sold to China the patents of Orimulsion, a water-based blend of fuels: thirty years of research totally made in Venezuela, given for almost nothing to a foreign imperial state. Where is chavist national proud in this equation? The students in public universities protest the suffocation policies they still suffer; the arrival of a self-named revolutionary government 14 years ago  didn’t change this.

Scientists were the tail of Venezuelan immigration: First it was the engineers related to the PDVSA affaire who had to go; later followed the qualified workers of other occupations who found themselves discriminated by a labor apartheid: the Tascón list. Only in the last five years the scientists diaspora increased significantly. Mr. Silva did not say even a single word of all that on his report to the G2. Even though, he knows that. His boss knows that. The nomenklatura of the sanctified party, the PSUV, knows that.

Just as in the Wiki Leaks case; what Silva sells to the G2 as confidential and crucial information are “tubes” that everybody in Venezuela knew, specially those who have to climb, jump, fight and sweat for buying 1pkg of corn flour:  Mr. Cabello wants the power without the presidence, Mr. Maduro is a clumsy stumbler. What’s new? When spies where serious, the press occasionally dropped classified information of the CIA, FBI, KGB or G2 files. Conversely, on these days, the G2 reports are a made up with collections of press clips that even a school kid can make; as Humberto Eco has cleverly remarked.

If there’s no one to spy, why do we pay them? If they want the power without the presidence, let them find the power by themselves as private entrepreneurs but, again: Why do we pay them congressmen salaries? They are publicly and notoriously paid and they don’t work. The red representatives buy their white goods in Miami. They keep their children studying in the very middle of the Empire. Mr. Silva, Mr. Maduro, Mr. Cabello, Mr. Ortega, Ms. Fernández de Kirchner et alia, they constitute one of the most interesting cases of a gang: One whose partners are  holders of a grant which was made with the funds for venezuelan infrastructure (schools, hospitals, roads, ports).

The only real new of Mr. Silva’s Leak is that there are no news. All is perfectly known. The G2 might be looking for him, as he has revealed the most important secret of a secret organization: That they keep no secret at all.  It is quite ironic that one cannot prevent his own metamorphosis, Mr. Silva is a bureaucrat of the Castle who became a cockroach.

I must thank Mr. Silva for opening my eyes in a point that will be crucial now. 14 years ago I was like a fool, I was lost, schizophrenic, I denied the magnificent reality and happiness of the bolivarian revolution. Suddenly we all live in a “sea of !@#$%^&*” and there is no yellow submarine at all. We all feel that sea, let us be chavists or opponents, 24/24 and 7/7. We live in a sea of !@#$%^&* and the shops have no toilet paper. Mr. Maduro said, a couple of days ago, that the shortage of toilet paper is due to the fact that now venezuelans eat more. Good try, but now, thanks to Mr. Silva, we all now. You cannot pretend that the sea of !@#$%^&* which you created in 14 years is not going to touch you; can you Nicolás?

In any case, the sea is there.  The “dibujito” (the little drawing, the sketch) belongs now to all of us. We know it. You know it. And we know that you know it. Thank you Mario.


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