Diario de caminata 22/10/2012 We all are reflexions

A walker’s logbook: We all are reflexions
These are some pictures of my workplace, the UNAL (Universidad Nacional de Colombia). It is a Bauhaus like set of buildings that where constructed on the 30’s by Leopoldo Rother, see a reference here. I just wanted to explain somehow why I love it so much. I think it is a reflexion, and also an impression, of myself (which reminds me John Coltrane…)
My favourite tree, at the entrance of Cr30 Cl45

This is a wonderful, old, huge adn amazing acacia tree you find in the entrance of the Cr30Cl45, in the way to the central square.

There is a reason for anyone to fall inlove with someone or something; it is always a particular detail that touchs you. In my case it was this tree. I saw it the very first time I visited the campus and, in that moment, I knew I wanted to stay there for a long while.

Institute of music

This is the way from the Cr30Cl45 entrance to my workplace, in the Mathematics building, on the right there is the building of the Music Institute. For me, a hopeles pathological chronic melomaniac; it is an absolute blessing to walk each day and listen to the melodies that music students play and replay in their daily practice. It remembers me my elder days in the Jose Angel Lamas music conservatory.

(detail of the tree)

The Arts building

Someghing I absolutely love of the UNAL is the profusion of grafittis. This one is in the facade of the Arts building, and so are the next ones. I decided to take some pictures sice, because of the ephemeral nature of graffitis, they use to change and dissappear. One of the bests I  have ever seen was a graffitti of a huge eye. On the center of the iris you could see what the eye was looking at: a students’ riot. There was a caption text: “We all are reflections”. Unfortunately, when I went back with my camera it wasn’t there anymore.

(This one is a word puzzle, “my art= mi arte”, and also, “piss you=miarte”).


This one is marvelous, isn’t it?

A sculpture of V.I. Lenin…

It’s funny how the “revolutionary” speech of young activists has, at least for me, some retro flavour. But perestroika and glasnost did not pass through them. I took a picture of these  ’cause there is a different aesthetic approach on their symbols and colours, which I enjoy.

Now look at this one…

…and this one…

This is an incredible tunnel of leaves and branches that wellcome visitors when you approach the buildings of engineering (left) and maths (right).

Ok.. Now this is not a graffiti, but a huge mural indeed. It is in one of the back walls of the Arts building, just in front of the Maths building.

The Math building, my workplace, which is an absolute privilege.

Though I am a mathematician, this one, I did not understand it. Could anyone explain me? 🙂

This one is short and crushing… “Explore your erotic intellingence … (up) “.

Now look at this one: this is on the top of the facade at another of the Engineering buildings (yes, they have more than one).

Another word puzzle, without “Lucha” (fight, but also, Louise, the mom) there is no Victory (the baby).

And this one, I don’t know who is the guy that made it, but it is amazing. It is just in front of the Science&Engineering Library building….

Well. I hope there will be more later. Enough for this time.


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